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DFTA innovation prize won for the third time in a row!

Highest print quality with water colour on foil …

…the result is groundbreaking and once again convinced the jury to award this year’s DFTA Innovation prize. The artwork in the category ‘Innovation’ was awarded first place and commended as excellent

The printing of water colour on foil, is a highly ecological and environmentally friendly printing process. Coupled with the latest HD Flexo technology and a resolution of 4000 ppi ensures more detail sharpness, higher contrasts and an improved colour transfer.

The artwork ’Strawberries’ for Frosta impressed the jury with its “delicate gradients and bright shadows, along with an excellent photorealistic image.” This was the result of 2 years intensive development work together with the printing company Folian and FROSTA.

Print quality and richness of detail in the flexo printing was with this print result, without a doubt, proven.

Technical specification: 9-colour HD flexo printing, line components with special screening, Flat-Top by appropriate exposure technology, printing using a water-based colour system. Another pioneering step in technology and sustainability!

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